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365 Project – Day 8 – Still Life Photography

I am not a morning person and it’s tough for me to wake up for the sunrise. This is not an ideal situation as a photographer, but if I tell myself enough times that waking up early will be worth it the night before, I sometimes get lucky. It’s funny; I had every intention of shooting the wooden bench at sunrise, but there was just too much cover to make it work like I had intended. What I did find after firing off a few shots was a perfect view of the horizon way up past the rock wall in the woods. Today’s photo is not a sunrise photo per se, but instead a rendition of still life photography that does a nice job of showing elongated rock shadows from the low angle of the sun.

I know my secret sunrise vantage point will be a photography heaven for a while so expect more to come from this little find.

Still life photography of a small rock that hugs the bottom left frame with an elongated shadow from the low angle of the sun. Twigs, moss, and leaves add interest to the surrounding area.