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The Iron Clad, Triple Protection Fine Art Warranty

Artwork is an investment and it should be protected for years to come. That’s why I offer an iron clad, triple protection fine art warranty to every collector at no additional cost.

The fine art warranty includes:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Each artwork purchase is covered under a 30 day money back guarantee because I want you to be satisfied with your selection. If for some reason you are not satisfied, I guarantee a 30 day credit, exchange, or refund [1], [*].

To initiate the process, just get in touch with me by phone or an in-person visit and we will coordinate the return.

Lifetime Fade-Free Warranty

I use the best quality, fade-free archival paper in conjunction with museum quality UV protected glass or acrylic so you should not have to worry about fading, but if for some reason your artwork fades over its lifetime, I will replace it for free [2], [4], [*].

Lifetime Framing Warranty

I offer a lifetime framing warranty on all purchases that have been framed by me. This means if the frame is ever damaged because of a craftsmanship defect, you are covered 100% and I will replace the frame for free [3], [4], [*].

Returns, Exchanges, and Replacements

[1] The 30 day money back guarantee is void if the artwork was ever altered, modified, re-matted, or reframed by someone other than myself. Limited Edition pieces are excluded from this offer due to their exclusivity and numbering system. The piece must be in like-new condition when returned. You are responsible for the cost of shipping in addition to carrier insurance. This guarantee is only valid for the cost of the artwork. Initial shipping and return shipping costs cannot be refunded. I reserve the right to dishonor the credit, exchange, or refund if any of these requirements are not satisfied.

[2] The lifetime fade-free fine art warranty is only valid if the purchased artwork was framed by me. If the piece has ever been reframed by a third party, this guarantee does not apply; I can only guarantee a fade-free experience with the framing materials I use.

[3] The lifetime framing fine art warranty is only valid on framed purchases where the framing was performed by me. If the artwork or frame was ever altered, manipulated, re-matted, reframed, or otherwise tampered with at any time, this guarantee is void. The lifetime framing guarantee does not apply to third party frames. Damage caused to the frame, glass, or art itself by dropping or mishandling the art in any way is not covered under this warranty.

[4] You are responsible for the shipping cost back to me. In addition, the art must have a tracking number and be insured for its full value.

[*] Each return must be preceded with a phone call or in-person communication (sorry, no email) to grant authorization for the return of the art. If for some reason you fail to do this, or the authorization was not given, the return will be refused and will be returned to the sender. I reserve the right to change these policies set forth at any time.

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