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365 Project – Day 5 – Wooden Bench Just After Dusk

It’s back to work for most people (myself included) as the holiday season has run its course. Take a few minutes to reflect over the past few weeks. Hopefully you shared time with those close to you and had a few laughs.

Wooden Bench Just After Dusk

In keeping with a Google+ theme today, I chose to share something from my own backyard for #MyTownTuesday, which is curated by Melanie Kintz and Eric Leslie. In case you are interested in checking this amazing sharing site out for yourself, following this link over to: Google+ – Real life sharing, rethought for the web. You can add me if you’d like to follow my photography there as well. The Wooden bench just after dusk is part of a pathway system in my neighborhood that I pass by often; it only made sense to capture it. Finally.

A bench just after dusk basks in street lamps with a path running up the left of the frame.

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