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The Mission Statement

If this is your first time visiting Thomas M or if you need a quick refresher on how my fine art photography will benefit you, please read on…

I am an artist that offers fine art and landscape photography for sale on this website.

Specifically, I offer breathtaking, luxury crafted, signed and limited edition fine art photographs for your home, office, or commercial space that grant you access to beautiful places around the world without needing to travel.

My work is meant to evoke the senses.

Invigorate yourself with fresh country air, feel a brisk stream of water trickle over your feet, watch an epic sunset with your loved one over and over again, or relax on an exotic beach as the sun kisses your face.

I am the artist behind the lens, however…

I am NOT a pushy, hard sell, art gallery representative.

You know the feeling well: purchasing fine art can feel like a bit of a hard sell.

If you’ve ever been to an art gallery before, you know that if you spend enough time wandering around the gallery, you will be approached by a salesperson with the intent to sell you.

He or she will attempt to answer your questions about how the piece was made, how many of them exist, or how to best display it in your home. As a sales person, he or she will probably not possess the necessary first hand experience with the painstaking details of crafting the piece. Bottom line here, you’re getting a partial answer at best.

Then, the hard sell occurs: “how would you like to take this exquisite piece home today?” And you’re eventually presented with the purchasing “options.”

You can either pay with cash or credit, and if those methods are not possible, you may qualify for something like an interest free loan from a private bank and be granted the opportunity to defer your payment for another six months to one year.

The truth is…

What you’re interested in is a luxury item so if you cannot swing this financially, do not attempt to run the risk of ruining your credit by financing a small fortune through a third party in hopes of paying it off later.

I will not, nor will I in the future offer financing options so please don’t ask. I require a major credit card, that’s it.

Things happen; there are always bills to pay, and quite frankly, you can live just fine without my work. Don’t get me wrong, I would love for you to be my best customer, however…

I will not hard sell you. When you are ready to buy, and only when you’re ready to buy, I will ask. I’ll ask gently knowing that there are more important financial obligations in life. Putting food on the table comes first. Art second.

Your art purchase is protected with a fine art warranty.

The majority of artists and fine art galleries will not carry a warranty and that is what sets me apart from the crowd because I do.

I care about your long-term satisfaction. See the details here.

This is a learning community.

I offer more than just a virtual art gallery for purchasing my work…

This website is the only online resource that merges art, design, photography, technology, and online business help into one creative outlet. It is also your inside source of information from within the art world; I write on topics such as:

  • new and emerging artists that I think you should follow
  • collaborative projects, art walks, and other art related community building activities
  • photography gear essentials from an artist perspective
  • photography tips and tutorials
  • post processing techniques that will help you get the most out of your camera
  • design fundamentals
  • interior design ideas for your home or office
  • website design ideas and best practices
  • website optimization for your business
  • how to increase your web presence using proven content strategies

Many of these topics are available as core libraries under the Learn heading. The Designers’ Darkroom blog is an extension of these core topics that welcomes your participation. I encourage you to help make this website even better and more complete by providing your thoughts on these blog posts.

Ask questions because you may not be the only one with the same curiosity. Share your knowledge on the subject and provide feedback to other members in this community. Together, we can create a synergy between art and design and let it flow into our everyday lives.

Welcome aboard!

There’s more to art than just art

Sure, I have a creative eye and know my way around a camera in the dark, but there’s more to being an artist than that; there’s the analytical engineer in me that strives for perfection and that separates me from others out there. I’m both left and right brained at the same time. Crazy huh? It’s true.

Start your collection knowing 100% that these framed photographs are the best they can be; from the printing media all the way to the framing materials and the craftsmanship that creates each finished piece, you’ll want to become a collector again and again.

So kick back, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of red or whatever chills you out and enjoy some of my work. You’re going to love it! Guaranteed.