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How to Select Framed Art Editions

You have probably come across framed artwork of various edition types and might have asked yourself, what’s the difference? why is one better than the other?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple… it’s not a matter of what’s better… they’re just different.

In every way.

High-Quality Framed Art vs. Mass Produced Nonsense

Framed art can be divided into two categories:

  1. Inexpensive, mass produced, low quality reproductions, most commonly found in big-box stores and online poster shops.
  2. More expensive, smaller quantity, and extremely high-quality reproductions, most often found in galleries and museums.

Art from category 1 completely eliminates any artist involvement during the reproduction phase. That’s okay if you’re the type of person that doesn’t really care about where you shop or the quality of what you own. You may never have the desire to own something exclusive. And that’s okay, however…

If that’s the case, turn around and find an online poster shop. You will not find mass produced art here.

Sorry, but I have pride as an artist; I don’t want my own expectations to be denied by a large retail shop because they have all the control.

I want to be hands-on from start to finish because I need to give the final approval if something ships or not. I’ve scrapped work before and I’ll do it again until it is right.

I care about quality. And you should too.

Open Edition Vs. Limited Edition? What’s the Difference?

Category 2 fine art can be narrowed down into smaller subsets where you may have choices like:

  • Open editions
  • Signed editions
  • Limited editions

Each artist has his or her own way of selecting from these options and it’s a commonly debated subject within the art community.

You will find that some believe limited edition photography isn’t really limited at all.

Honestly, that’s ridiculous.

Limited edition photography sometimes gets a bad wrap because the negative or digital file isn’t always destroyed.

Whether an edition is actually limited or not has more to do with the integrity of the artist than the file.

Think about it this way… if for some reason the print fades after a few years and wasn’t kept in direct sunlight, you would be entitled to a reprint. If that file wasn’t available then remaking the piece isn’t possible.

Trust me, keeping that negative locked away is important for your sake.

With that said…

I Offer Both Open Edition and Limited Edition Photographs

Both editions are created with a unique process that include materials like special light sensitive paper and luxury framing options to further enhance the artwork’s beauty.

A note about sizing: the sizing details below are taken from the unframed photograph; depending on the matting thickness and frame choice, expect to add three to eight inches all around.

Open Edition Details

The Open Edition is in unlimited supply, meaning the photograph will be available regardless of how many are made.


This edition comes in two different sizes:

  • Studio, approximately 10″ x 15″
  • Master, approximately 16″ x 24″

Each Open Edition is printed on Fuji Flex Crystal Archive paper and is then acrylic face mounted; this means the surface of the photograph will be smooth as glass which makes the art extremely vivid and more life-like than ever before. It is then reinforced with a dibond metal backing for protection.

Every Open Edition then gets a special linen matting in either black or white. Luxury framing choices with high quality glass or acrylic come standard.

When You Should Choose Open Edition

The Open Edition is a great companion piece that goes well just about anywhere in your home or office. It is large enough to be easily seen from across the room, but small enough to fit in tighter spaces. Open Edition pieces also complement the larger Limited Edition photographs really well, too.

Purchasing an Open Edition is also a fantastic way to get acquainted with my work, materials, and craftsmanship in your space before owning a highly exclusive, limited edition photograph.

Limited Edition Details

The Limited Edition is limited in quantity based on the number found under each photograph in my portfolio.

Every piece is marked with a matching pair of uniquely holographed serial numbers that correspond to the certificate of authenticity. It is then registered in a catalog system so that its authenticity is verifiable.

Once sold out, it will not be available ever again at that particular size.


This edition is currently available in the following sizes:

  • Gallery, approximately 24″ x 36″

Each Limited Edition photograph is also printed on Fuji Flex Crystal Archive paper and is then acrylic face-mounted.

Limited Edition art comes standard with a linen matting in either black or white. It is then framed using the best quality luxury moulding along with high quality acrylic to minimize hanging weight.

These materials are the most expensive, the most majestic on your wall, and by far will create the most breathtaking artwork you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing in your home or office.

When You Should Choose Limited Edition

Choose the Limited Edition if you love art that is truly breathtaking; you demand the best materials and the largest size available for your space so that every detail is remarkably vivid and life-like.

You want something exclusive; something rare and special that very few own.

Bottom line, choose Limited Edition if you want to see every detail, every color, and every texture as like you were there with me.

Head back to the gallery. You’re going to love it!