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Subtle Variations – The Calling

I posted a landscape shot of a local park covered in fog titled Weeping Dream a few days ago. It’s those subtle variations in camera location that can drastically change a photograph; I mean, I must have moved my tripod three to four inches to the right to get this starburst light. It doesn’t sound like much, but it really does create a different mood by moving just one step over.

Ok so this example is relatively far away from our subject matter and four inches makes a pretty substantial difference – imagine getting close up to something and moving four inches… chances are, you wouldn’t even be photographing the same subject anymore! So, a general rule is that the closer you get to your subject (think macro photography), the more your composition will change by making subtle variations in camera location.

The Calling

These two photographs are similar in so many ways, but to me, they’re also very different. I honestly cannot even choose between the two and pick a winner so The Calling deserves its place in my portfolio as well.

I love how the light starbursts through the tree limbs and calls out for attention. It’s dreamy and euphoric almost as if you’ve sniffed some fairy dust and drifted to this dreamscape. Everything flows and you feel The Calling from a higher power…

A dimly lit park with weeping willow trees and dense fog.  A starburst of light emits through the tree limbs.  The Calling is from a higher power...

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