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Fog Blankets – Weeping Dream

The weather has been unusually erratic the past few days and its drastic changes have helped shape my creativity and really let my imagination run wild. First it’s ice, now fog blankets. I love fog – it’s like natures natural light diffusor. Now, try to say that five times fast.

Lately, it’s almost as if I have a sixth sense for these weather shifts and will know before it changes – only by an hour or two; that little bit of time is still more than enough to shape my vision so as long as this keeps up, we’re in for an epic year of landscape shots.

Weeping Dream

105mm focal length compression, check. Tripod, check. It’s dark outside, of course. Mirror up, yes. Remote trigger…definitely. I scouted this quiet park with my trusty Mag Light for at least an hour and got acquainted with my favorite vantage points. Subtle nuances in location can make for an extremely different photograph so I’m working every angle.

Did I mention it’s pretty much black outside and I can’t see but a few feet in front of me at any given moment; I’m lost in the fog, but I can see Weeping Willow branches in a dream like state dangling in the not-too-far-out distance collecting moisture from this dense blanket of fog. Diffused light sweeps through the trees and makes it as if they’re glowing. I’ve got it. It’s a Weeping Dream.

A dense fog hangs in a rural park with weeping willow branches in the distance helping set the mood. A wet park bench is also prominent in the frame flanked between trees that show a burst of diffuse light coming from between their branches.

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