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X-Rite Color Checker Passport – Purple Hyacinth

I recently picked up a new color management tool called the X-Rite Color Checker Passport and just incorporated its functionality into my workflow. In a few words, this thing rocks! I don’t see this handy little color checker leaving my side any time soon.

So, what’s it do exactly? Well, you can use the passport in a few ways; I opted to simply use it as a white balance tool within my photo management suite. I take a snapshot of the color checker in my scene under the same lighting conditions and shooting perspective and swatch the landscape neutral target. I even have the option to add coolness or warmth to the photo by clicking the landscape swatches in either direction. Triple awesome.

Purple Hyacinth

Spring has sprung and the available flower assortment proves it. I stumbled upon a pretty patch of purple Hyacinths a few days ago and have been waiting for a cloudy day to reveal their beautiful colors.

A single Purple Hyacinth in focus among the out of focus purple petals and green background.

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