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Welcome to Designers’ Darkroom – A New Creative Outlet by Thomas M Thurston

Designers' Darkroom Logo depicts a film fixing tray with a single developed negative with blog name covered in paint. Welcome to the re-launched blog of Thomas M Thurston, or freshly coined, Designers’ Darkroom!

Rather than sharing a photo-a-day by yours truly, I’ll be repurposing this outlet to share recently discovered art and design along with newly released signed and limited edition photographs from time-to-time.

Designers’ Darkroom Expectations

I want to set some expectations up front so you have a better idea of what and when I’ll post here:

  • What – Part I: Expect to discover artists, both new and seasoned, from many different genres and backgrounds.
  • Part II: Expect to discover design ideas for your home or office that will transform a space from drab to fab.
  • Part III: Expect to see the unexpected; that means items perceived as art, whether that is a watch, pen, or loudspeaker.
  • How Often: I’ll publish a new article to Designers’ Darkroom every two weeks, so expect 26 unique posts each year.

Stay tuned for the first of many to come!

In the meantime, why don’t you acquaint yourself with Our Mission and Our Business Practices.

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