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Washington DC Attractions and the New World War 2 Memorial

I was recently in the Washington DC area for a close friend’s wedding celebration and decided it would be a great idea to stay an extra day or two to explore a few of the Washington DC attractions. The itinerary was simple. Wing it.

So, with that in mind, I think this trip was super successful because my girlfriend and I got to see DC lit up at night, The White House, Spy Museum, Olde Town Alexandria, and a whole bunch of other historical monuments like the World War 2 Memorial and the Washington Monument.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Washington DC area, the public transportation system is convenient, fast, and extremely easy to navigate. The Metro has a color coded system that navigates through DC and parts of Virginia in lighting fast time for a modest fee.

Spy Museum

Appearances can be deceiving; that saying rings true for the exterior of the Spy Museum as well. Most of the buildings in the DC area are exquisitely detailed and grand. Not as much with the Spy Museum… it was a nice looking building, but it appeared small.

Appeared is the key word here; we were astonished to realize the massive size of this building by the length of time that the self guided tour took to complete. The exhibit displays gadgets that were used through the ages and gives you a side by side comparison of how the technology has evolved over time. Audio/Visual bugs were really stealthy, even 50 years ago.

The tour progressed from technology and tactics to famous spys and stories that would have surprised even the most analytical person.

Be sure to put this museum on your to-do list for the next visit.

World War 2 Memorial

There is no better time to see Washington DC attractions than at night. The lighting is intricate and well thought out, from smaller pillar lights to flood lights for the Washington Monument. Even walkways have recessed lighting to help lead your eyes. The Mall is also less crowded so navigating to your destination is much easier.

The World War II Memorial looks great. I especially liked the pillars that surrounded the monument. Each pillar represents a state and was adorned with a wreath. Spend some time here and make sure you pay attention to every last detail. Look for significance in the gold stars and make sure you read the placards. Oh, don’t forget to look up when you’re on either side of the structure near the arches.

A view of the Washington DC World War 2 Memorial at night.

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