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Lens Flare – Woodsy Sunrise

I usually try to keep lens flare to a minimum by using a lens hood, but sometimes there’s no avoiding it. Certain lighting angles can bounce sunlight around inside your lens causing crazy looking aberrations. You will know it’s lens flare if you see large circles of light that progressively get smaller (or vice versa).

Those little artifacts can add polish to your photo, though.

Woodsy Sunrise

I have a hard time waking up early and this causes me to miss the spectacular sunrises we have around here. Older folks with sunrise driven internal body clocks constantly remind me that the sunrise from today was beautiful. Swirls of red, orange, and golden tones poked through a cloud and created a beam to the ground. Thanks for that. Now I’m jealous.

I mustered up whatever energy I had to get out of bed early and beat the sun to my location. I got lucky and set up as the sun was poking at the horizon.

This is Woodsy Sunrise.

A golden glow emanates through the trees and highlights moss and leaves.

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