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Scotland Revealed: Isle of Mull and Iona

Before I jump into the Isle of Mull tour experience and since this is the first blog post of the New Year, Happy New Year everyone. I hope you’re all off to a great start in 2013!

I wanted to share a quick blog post about Bowman’s Tours departing from Oban, Scotland. We opted for touring the Isle of Mull and Iona which departs from the beautiful Oban Bay. After almost missing the tour ferry, which was docked on the other side of the bay from our bed and breakfast, we were finally off with the wind at our back. This tour took the majority of the day so plan for that; and make sure to bring a rain coat just in case.

The tour begins with a scenic ferry ride to the Isle of Mull; once there, you basically board a tour bus and let your guide navigate on a single-lane, two-way traffic road. They have a saying in Mull: you don’t drive on the road, you drive on what’s left of the road. Apparently, road maintenance is a difficult task to keep up with here.

The bus tour was nice, but I would have much rather brought the car aboard the ferry and explored Mull at my own pace. Lesson learned.

I will say this, though… our tour guide was great and he provided us with fantastic explanations of Mull’s history, life on the isle, and local wildlife in the area. I was pleased to see seals along the coast and some very interesting trees.

Mussels at Martyrs Bay Restaurant in Iona

Mussels are popular in Iona and Mull; so much so that it’s a popular trade to catch them for a living. Martyrs Bay Restaurant right near the dock offers these locally caught mussels in a garlic and wine sauce that will tingle your tastebuds and make you savor every bite. The portion was large and not too expensive either. Wish I had a picture…

Also, not too far from the dock is a pretty little beach area.

Isle of Iona - Scotland, UK

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