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Inverness, Highlands, and a Torrential Downpour While Driving on a Twisty Road

Good times were had by all on our way to Inverness, the capital city of the Highlands in Scotland. I’m not really one to enjoy driving in the rain while it’s dark outside; even more so when I’m in an unknown area. This is one of those trips that got the best of me here… I needed tack sharp concentration on the long, twisty roads because the windshield wipers couldn’t keep up with the buckets of rain these storm clouds were dropping. Let’s just say I’m glad this ride is done with and behind me.

Scottish Calm (Scottish Highlands Calm Before the Storm)

Before the weather turned into a giant mess, the clouds swirled viscously around the greenery and I found this juxtaposed tree in a scene that really does a great job of displaying the Scottish Highland’s grandeur. It was particularly difficult to keep the camera dry enough to salvage the shot, but I managed. Patience and persistence…

Scottish Highlands Calm Before the Storm

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