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Flower Photography – Day 12

Everyone loves flowers; they are beautiful to look at and they add that little bit of vibrance to any room when they’re freshly cut. Flower photography is popular – especially when one is shot close up. The pistils (those little tentacles in the center of a flower) are remarkably detailed. Get close enough and see for yourself!

I really enjoy visiting the botanical garden in Ringwood, NJ after Memorial Day – there is so much to see and you can literally spend a few hours just walking around. I’m going one step further this coming year; I’m bringing a blanket to sit on for lunch and a soccer ball. Did I mention the field is huge?

A White Daisy Crop

I’m sharing a crop today of a flower that was photographed this past summer. No macro, just a pretty white flower with nice background bokeh from a 50mm lens.

A delicate white flower with yellow center stands out from the bunch.

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