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Angels’ Pool – A Place that Only Exists Through the Eyes of Time

It’s almost dusk and I can feel the sun on my face as the last light fades into the horizon. The forceful breeze off the Pacific creates crashing waves on the jagged shore where I stand.

The wind’s whisper in my ear suggests to me there’s more to Mother Nature’s story here. She says to me… there is a small cove where angels go to play. And where they go, mere mortals cannot survive because of the treacherous rock formations and crashing tide. It’s called Angels’ Pool and it exists only through the eyes of time.

Treacherous rocks surround a small cove where angels play as the remaining golden light fades into the horizon.

The Artist Proofing Process and Autumn Water

Printing large allows the artist to detect color profiling anomalies from monitor to printer in addition to unveiling every detail possible. I’m a stickler for adhering to a rigorous artist proofing process to ensure that my art is reproduced to my standards and I will not tolerate imperfections. In addition, each proof is thoroughly inspected and will be reprinted till the final version meets my vision.

Autumn Water

Autumn Water proof one makes it way into an exotic frame mounted with 8-ply matting and museum quality glass. My art really must be seen in person to appreciate the contrast, tone, saturation, and luminescence. Water glistens and flows when viewed from different angles and lifelike tree textures pop out of the exotic frame.

Thomas M Thurston crouches beside a 24x36 artist proof of Autumn Waters.