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Camera Phones & Office Sunset

It was a Friday afternoon and I was working on a project at the office, but also fully aware that the sun was setting; a view from the window gave it away that I was in for a treat on the walk to my car. I didn’t have my camera rig with me, but fortunately technology has advanced to the point that you can carry a high quality point-and-shoot wherever you go. Which cameras should you use in a pinch?

Use Your iPhone or Whatever You Have Readily Available

My iPhone 4S works double duty as my backup and my always-on-hand camera. A few minor level adjustments and noise cleanup in post really helps add depth and clarity to any image. While the iPhone isn’t a full frame sensor with professional control, it isn’t meant to be. It’s the device that gets you the shot when you need to travel light or simply forget to bring your rig with you. And for that duty alone, it’s priceless. Kudos to Apple for constantly evolving the camera hardware inside their devices!

Office Sunset

I’m pleased that I was able to take five minutes, compose, adjust the exposure directly on the screen, and fire one precise shot. This office sunset certainly was beautiful and I am forever grateful that high quality cameras are available on phones; otherwise I would have never had the opportunity to capture this beautiful sunset!

A gnarly tree hugs the right frame with branches covering the top allowing the office parking lot sunset to be framed between these two elements.

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