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Bathroom Renovations and Sunflower Fields

We’re in the last stages of a quick bathroom spruce up. We’ve already spackled, primed, painted (the color is called slightly aqua), wired up the vanity, installed the medicine cabinet, and mounted the towel hardware – the only few remaining details are to print a few photos, hang said photos, and run a few beads of caulk to seal up the sink and tub. It’s almost a job well done; reno photo coming soon.

Sunflower Fields Forever

I’m on a roll with rediscovering old photos from 2011 that were initially on the Do Not Show list. I’m not sure how I managed to let Sunflower Fields Forever slip through, but I’m constantly refining my workflow. Sifting and sorting gets better and more efficient each time I download a memory card. Note to self, keep being hard on yourself and really scrutinize your work; your photos will thank you later.

A sunflower maze path down the center of the frame is surrounded by sunflowers right and left with high noon light and blue skies with rays of light passing through a few clouds.

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