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365 Project – Day 4 – Soapstone Glow

Soapstone is a remarkable rock. I find that it is quite beautiful and smooth and no two items are alike. It’s also a great material that works really well with fine art items such as candle holders, tea light incense diffusers, and soap dishes. A tea light candle will illuminate a room in a soft soapstone glow. The warm glow in addition to the aroma therapy is soothing. Stress and worries melt away.

I’ve had tea light incense diffuser since high school and still use it from time-to-time. Yankee candles are good for every day use, but essentials oils are better for aroma therapy. The oils are strong so only a single drop is needed. They will open your sense of smell and promote a state of calm from within. If you have never tried aroma therapy, give it a shot!

A soapstone incense diffuser illuminates intricate cutouts with a soft glow.

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