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The Calling

A dimly lit park covered in thick fog at night with a starburst of light through one of the tree branches. A park bench sits beneath covered in water from the fog.

Having been to this location on multiple occasions over the years, I know it well. I’ve seen it through all the seasons, with drab and lifeless features in the Winter to explosive color in the Spring. I’ve never experienced it quite like this, though.

The fog was really thick; so thick, that water vapor started to collect and drip from the park bench and tree branches.

I felt a chill up my spine as I clamped down my cold camera to the tripod mount. Visibility was low, but I sensed a presence from within the glowing mist. As I pressed the shutter and waited in anticipation, I remember squinting at the ominous starburst of light illuminating the scene.

It was… The Calling.

Image Details:
Name: The Calling
Location: Morris Plains, New Jersey
Limited Edition: 450