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12 Miles to Mallaig

A gorgeous Scotland scene featuring Loch Nan Uamh with wild flowers surrounding the area. Taken just off A830 on the way to the Mallaig Ferry.

I felt an incredible rush of energy and a deep connection to Mother Earth while driving through the Scottish Highlands on the winding road of A830. A colorful blur passed me by as my spirited driving took me alongside craggy rocks and wildflowers near the side of the road.

I immediately noticed a beautiful patch of flowers that angled toward Loch Nan Uamh and had to get a closer look. The weather was really overcast with a few sprinkles of intermittent rain. A larger storm was definitely looming so I had to work quickly.

As I set up for this shot, I wanted to capture the majestic glow of the storm clouds’ reflection off Loch Nan Uamh. The soft light and stormy weather in 12 Miles to Mallaig is really special to me because it’s what makes Scotland so lush and green.

Image Details:
Name: 12 Miles to Mallaig
Location: Just East of Druimindarroch, Scotland
Limited Edition: 450